Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kit Club Changes and Improvements

Good Morning Everyone! The sun is shining here and I cannot wait to start my day (raise your hand if Daylight Savings time always messes you up)! Before I do, though, I just wanted to take a moment to address some questions we've had the last few days regarding our brand new Kit Clubs.

Houston, we have a problem. Wait, do we?

When you signed up for either club, we noted that your card would be charged on the 6th of each month, with kits shipping between the 6th and 10th of each month. While we've kept our promise on the shipping, we think there may have been some confusion based on when we did our sneak peeks.

Our intention was to give people a good week/a week and a half to decide if they wanted to keep their membership for that month. So, we offered the sneak peek between the 21st-25th of February, and then offered the kits as a "single-purchase" option after that. While others who are not enrolled in the club received their kits (because they purchased a la cart and we ship quickly), our kit club members still had to wait until the 6th of March to have their cards charged and have their kits ship out.

Huh? That didn't make sense, we want our kit club members to have them first! We made an honest mistake with timing our release and hope you know there were no bad intentions in doing so. We're going to change this in the future.

This is the third month of our kit clubs, and it's also the first time we've had more than one or two people question when they're shipping. Our membership has skyrocketed over the last month, and while we may have not expected a dramatic increase, we are so excited about it and ready to flex our internal set-up however we need to to keep things running smoothly.

Why we love what we do

You guys are awesome. We've always said we have the best customers, and we really mean it. We know many of you on a first name basis, and enjoy the personal crafty stories you share with us when you call in. If you call in, you'll most likely talk to Kathy, Angelica or Adrianne, and guess what? That's a mom and two daughters. We're not the biggest company out there, but we strive to be the best, and that means admitting when we can improve.

Putting a face to the name:
Angelica - that's me!
We will be training two additional employees to help us with customer service. We never want anyone to feel like they're not being attended to, or that their voice isn't important. Heck, we hate poor customer service, and we wouldn't accept it from anyone. We know we can't please all of the people all of the time, and think we do a pretty super job 99% of the time, but we want to do better.

Our stamps are the highest quality available and so is our service. If it's not, we know that you'll let us know, and we strive to rise to the occassion. We're doing this in regard to our kit clubs.

How do I know we'll get better?

  • We'll now be sneak peeking kits just a few days before they're shipped. Kit members will still get the first sneak peek via email on the 1st of each month. Kit members will still be charged on the 6th of the month, with their orders shipping first. 
  • We're working with new a new shipping method so emails are automatically sent out from the program. If you don't receive an email from us, please do check your Spam folder. 
  • We'll be perfecting our kit process prior to training so we can make sure everyone's on the same page
  • We're adding two new areas to our PK Connection ( to include special areas just for kit members with exclusive perks and premium content.
What do you think?
If there is something we can improve upon, we welcome your suggestions via email - angelica @ peachykeenstamps . com. We take your comments and suggestions seriously and prefer to talk with you about them on a personal basis. 

Thanks for taking a few minutes of your day to read this incredibly long post, you rock for hanging through the whole read! ;) I hope you have an awesome rest of your day!


Gina said...

I will admit I am currently not a kit club member (although I'd LOVE to be) Its just not in my budget at this time. HOWEVER, you posting this notice is AWESOME and AMAZING and shows exactly the kind of customer service you've been giving!! I LOVE your products, your friendly personal interaction with your customers and all of YOU! thank you PKS and I always look forward to reading you each and everyday!

Tara Mason said...

I just love PKS, not only for the stamps (which are fabulous), but also for the customer service. On the 1 occasion that I've had to contact PKS about an issue (my credit card expired and I didn't want a delay in my SOTM) I was beyond pleased to get quick response to my email question with the correct phone number and who to talk to to get it straightened out. Even posts that contain questions that I've put on the PKS FB page are responded to quickly.
Keep up the good work, it is noticed and appreciated!!!

Cassandra said...

You guys are all the greatest and your customer service has always been the best. Thanks for your wonderful products. And THANK YOU for being YOU!!! We appreciate and I sure hope you get to hear that enough! :)

~ Cassandra

Carol W. said...

There are a lot of stamp companies out there but I have quickly found that only a few actually stand by the promise of their word. I love your stamps and so excited to be a part of your kit club. Thank you for being the kind of company that I can be glad and proud to say I am a part of.

Saundra said...

I LOVE the Peachy family and feel so blessed to be a designer for a company that I can trust will take care of their customers. You guys are the best! ~Hugs, Saundra :)

Cricutjunkie said...

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I am a new PKS kit member and received my stamps rather quickly which I was really surprised. I have ordered stamps in the past and have been very happy with the product and customer service. It's really funny that you say you are not the biggest company out there "You could have fooled me" Thanks for the great product and service. Traci

Ema said...

I am also a PKS kit member and have yet to be disappiointed on the shipment, orders, and customer service. I agree with Cricutjunkie on being fooled about you all not be the biggest company. I have always been pleae at how easy everything is on the site and how fast I get a respone in the few time I've had to email you all. Keep up the great job that you are doing. And a BIG thank you for being you all I wouldn't want to change a thing about you all. Ema

Kate said...

Sounds Awesome, You guys are the best. Like I say on my blog those Kits subscriptions are TOTALLY WORTH IT. You have the best Customer service, keep up the great work.

Thank you for everything, hope ya'll have a wonderful week.


Glora said...

You guys are really the BEST! I love how customer service oriented you are. That is one of the things that captured my heart quickly with PKS. That and of course the quality and beauty of the stamps! Way to take care of everyone!!! Hugs- Glora

Angelica Suarez said...

Thank you all so much for your positive and encouraging comments! We have many exciting new changes that will come in the next 4-5 weeks after we complete some testing. This will be so much better than it currently is and we appreciate each and every one of you so much. Your patience is precious to us!

Hugs, Angelica

Doris P. said...

going with the flow and though - bummed to not see a preview much earlier - it doesn't matter anyhow -I just know I will love the KIT anyhow!! love the club and wishing their more like these!! LOVE my PKS!!!

Anne said...

Not only do I think your stamps are the best, but I also think all of you are the best. I don't think you have to change much as far as customer service goes. You seem to be doing a great job. I'm a stamp of the month club member and I'm having a ball with all the stamps each month and I also love the quality of the stamps (so easy to use). Thanks so much.

Hugs, Anne :)

Diane Tate said...

How do I join? Still looking for a helper? I'm wild, I crazy and I love to meet folks from all walks of life. ie: friends from Aussie land to England! Love people, but love helping them more!