Q: What are your stamps made out of and how do I use them?
A: Our stamps are clear, peach-tinted photopolymer, clear, self-clinging stamps manufactured in the USA. For a quick demo on how easy it is to peel, stick, and stamp please click here for a short video.
Q: I ordered acrylic blocks and they have this weird brown lining on them. What is that and how do I get it off?
A: The brown kraft paper lining is a protective barrier which is in place to protect the blocks during handling and transit. It can easily be removed by peeling it off – start at the corners for best results. You can also try applying a bit of heat from a blow dryer to get the peel started.
Q: My stamped image isn’t looking very crisp. Am I doing something wrong?
A: You do not need to apply much pressure at all with our stamps. When you’re inking them up, tap the stamp into the ink pad.  Don’t overdo it, just a little bit of ink will do. Then, stamp lightly onto surface, and you’ll have a perfect image.
Q: Your website lists so many different faces with different sizes, I’m lost! What size do I need for my die cuts? 
A: We recommend purchasing a face size that is 3/4 of your diameter. For example, a 1″ circle would look best with a 3/4″ face.
Q: I just found your stamps, but have no idea where to start. What are your most popular and versatile faces?
A: For a wide range of sizes and faces, the best face sets to start with are our Everyday Faces or our Basic Paper Doll faces. For animals, we recommend any of our Critter faces as the majority of their expressions are forward-facing.

Q: I’m still confused. What size do I need?

A: The best way to measure what size face you’ll need for your project is to measure the diameter of the surface you are stamping. The face should be around 75% of the total diameter. For example, if you are stamping a paper doll, and the head of the doll measures 1-1/2″, our 1-1/8″ packages would be a great selection for you. If you stamp a variety of sizes, we will usually recommend our Assortment packages as they range from 3-8″ – 1-3/8″.

Q: I didn’t receive a confirmation of my order. Was it received?

A: If you do not receive a confirmation of your order, please check all junk mail or spam folders, and if it is not there, please contact us to make sure we received it.
Q: Do you ship Internationally?
A: We ship to most international countries. We offer first-class and Priority shipping (both options quoted at checkout). We cannot guarantee any items shipped overseas, and unfortunately, our shipping provider does not offer real-time tracking information for our international shipments. Please be advised that we declare the actual value of the stamps, after any applicable discounts and without shipping costs. The customs fee is dependent upon the value of the package. These items we ship may be subject to customs charges determined by your particular country.  If your package is not received within 30 days, we can make a claim with the USPS and re-ship your package.